Spring Summer 2016

On and On new “Tennis” collection is inspired by the champions of American tennis of the ‘80s, who imposed new dynamics to the game, aggressive and fast. The femininity of the collection gives the items an extreme softness, which makes them perfect both inside and outside the field. The cuts, shapes and technical fabrics give great lightness to each element, reinterpreting with fresh and vivid tones the rigid geometry of the sport uniform.

Fall Winter 2015 - 2016

A bit hard but still essential lines, solid colors mixed with different fabrics, that seem to be inspired by the style of "those guys" who used to live in the streets and suburbs of  the '80s, the disco and the Berlin Zoo station, in the frenzy that divided them between transgressions and affirmation of human rights, that soon would see them winning, with the fall of the Wall.

On and On Wear presents its new collection: over cuts, pure wool, squared patterns, and the iconic "zig zag" embroideries, are just a hint of the possibilities that could be explored. To deconstruct, subvert and carve the most familiar stylistic geometries.

In a constant pursuit of the enrichment of its own language, On and On Wear presents a collection of high impact among the legacies of the past and contemporary aesthetics.


Spring Summer 2015

Onandon Spring Summer 2015

Spring Summer 2014

La collezione ss14 di OnandOn è ispirata allo skateboarding degli anni 80-90. Shorts in denim dritto rovescio e pantaloncini da basket rivisitati, per l'Uomo. Per la donna abitini a fantasia ZigZag e texture stile Memphis Milano, collocati su materiali ricercati, come oxoford, cotone stampato e jaquard disegnato. Come le grafiche geometriche tipiche del periodo, per la collezione uomo che accompagna la donna da due stagioni, è stato inserito in collezione una camicia over a manica corta nel tessuto ZigZag già presente nella collezione donna. Con il brand september è stata fatta la collaborazione per la felpa locals only riadattata con maniche in jaquard personalizzato del brand. Il video della collezione è stato prodotto da noi di nssmag.com . Buona visione.

Fall Winter 2013 - 2014

The Ninth On And On's Brand Collection is inspired by the Spike Lee's Movies from the 90s'. Scenarios of the "Ghetto" and music by streets, is the right mood of entire FW 2013-14 Collection. For the Autumn Winter season, the Fashion designer Silvia Di Grazia, decided to add a Man Capsule collection, consisting of jackets, sweaters, chinos, t-shirts and kway. The fabrics and manifactures are all made in Italy and materials are Wool and customized Jaquard, oxford cotton, neoprene and fleece for the basic items and the cuts design are at same quality ever.

Spring Summer 2013

Special jacquard prints and minerals mirrored pattern creates a strong call alll'acqua of the sea, these are the elements that characterize the collection "Minerals" spring summer 2013.  On and On  is a new concept in casual wear entirely produced in Italy. Silvia Di Grazia likes to date the year of birth of the brand in 2009 when, after graduating in knitting Polimoda Florence and collaborations for several design offices, he decided to turn his passion for music and street wear in a job. The music plays a central role in the idea of the product: On and On is the phenomenon of repetition in the pattern, to establish that these dresses can be worn through the years, out of the precepts laid down by seasonal fashion. The first collections favored a greater sense of streetwear, until a certain femininity began to become naturalized in the forms of his work: the production of sweaters and sport look, the design has begun to acquire a structurally more casual elegance marked by unexpected details such as the care of the buttons, or silk finishes the t-shirt. The cuts are straight and clean to imply one of the most important principles of On and On: comfort in the form and movement. Thanks to extensive research on the materials and the provision of 100% Italian fabrics and accessories, items keep an essence minimal and simple at the same time is fine. Fully packed in Italy, On and On collections are produced under the guidance of a kind of devotion to craft process, guaranteed by the method of "unique". On and On is distributed in Italy and online.

Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

The OnAndOn's collection for fall winter 2012 was inspired by atmospheres, moods and colors of landscapes and mountain ambients. A clean style, a nostalgic cuts touch, garments with elastic materials, bomber jackets revisited, warm fabrics, all made with a unmistakable style 80 '90', typical of the brand.